How To do Solo Camping

How To do Solo Camping In the Rain (2022 Updated)

It may be unpleasant to camp in the rain, but it’s the perfect way to get outside and enjoy nature. In this regard, camping in the rain is extremely beneficial. In this article, I will tell you about a few easy steps. how you can do camp for rain in the forest.

1- The tent should be high and dry

You will get wet if you pitch a tent in the rain and You are very upset about it. If the rains start clearing, you might be able to hold off for 30 minutes until it stops. You can keep your belongings in your car or a sheltered spot if you have to pitch up in the rain.

2- Put a heavy trap under your tent  

Camping in the rain,  the tent can flood.  So water doesn’t pool on your fly sheet. Make sure there is plenty of tension in your tent. So water doesn’t pool on your fly sheets.  Fold any excess tarp under the tent so that it is not visible. Therefore, you should use heavy traps under your tent. When you can then protect yourself from the storm.

3- Make sure You have placed your tent correctly

The position of your tent must be in the opposite direction to the wind. If the rain direction and wind direction became the same, then our tent could spill down.  When you open your window, you’ll get less windswept rain inside! 

4- The tent must be airy

Your tent must always be open. So that you can get fresh air, and enjoy the rain. that is how the rain is beautiful. And when the rain stops and you feel that you will not be rained again and the sun rises then open your tent and let it wind up. Because your tent was wet. Do not let the moisture get inside the paint                                           

5- Make sure your tent must be waterproof

Make sure your tent is waterproof. If you plan to intentionally camp in the rain. Proof your tent waterproofing spray and use waterproof plastic bags to make your tent.  Waterproofs can also be used as an extra layer.  You can avoid the cold at the same time and enjoy it at the same time

6- Don’t take cotton clothes with you

Don’t take cotton clothes with you. Something takes such clothes and let t. Cotton takes a long time to dry. Whenever you go out take such clothes and dry them quickly. Don’t allow anything wet to make it into your living areas because it can  be dangerous

7- Make sure you have waterproof jackets and gloves with you

Waterproof jackets and gloves are usually great when the weather is miserable. so that when it rains, you do not wet at all. They can travel anywhere in the rain. And can enjoy the rain to the fullest.

8- Take extra blankets and shoes

Always when you are outing side to must take extra blankets and extra shoes with you. Extra blankets for this reason, if one blanket gets wet due to the rainwater, then another should be used. and take extra shoes with you. Wear another shoe if your wet shoe gets wet in rain, and keep warm. That way you can avoid the cold and enjoy the rain more. Wear another shoe if your wet shoe gets wet in rain, and keep warm. That way you can avoid the cold and enjoy the rain more. 

9- keep yourself busy with something

You will not be afraid if you keep yourself busy during the rain. Rain does wonderful things to the forest, get your camera ready, snap some pictures, play some games,  and some funny talks to one another. So you are busy in the rain.

10- Rain does not the end of travel

Camping is a skill in the rain, You learn how to stay dry. Storm can be beautiful. But it can very dangerous. If you will follow all tips. So you will fully enjoy the rain.


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