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How To Keep Your Tent Cool In Hot Weather

“Embracing the grandeur of the outdoors during a summer camping trip can be a glorious experience, if not for the unrelenting heat that often accompanies it. However, don’t let the daunting warmth deter you from your much-deserved adventure! With the right set of strategies, equipment, and an adventurous spirit, you can transform your camping experience into a summer escapade that is both refreshing and invigorating. So, whether you are a seasoned camping enthusiast or a beginner just starting to explore, we have compiled an array of practical tips that will not only keep your tent cool but also enhance your overall outdoor experience.

Camping and having fun go hand in hand only when the weather is pleasant around. However, if you are camping in summer then you probably wonder about how to cool your tent. The hot weather while camping becomes a killer of fun and even your sleep.

To make your camping excursion a memorable experience, we have discussed here the best way to keep your tent cool in hot weather. Bringing the right gear and using them at the right time can do the trick for you. However, you just need to do simple planning and some DIY steps to keep your camp cool all summer long. Dive right in, and learn how to beat the heat effectively, making your tent a cool sanctuary amidst the summer blaze!”

Let’s move right into the details!

The 14 Best Tips To Cool Down Your Hot Tent

These valuable tips lead you to how to keep your tent cool in hot weather. Follow the tips and enjoy your camping even in the summer!

1. Choose The Right Camping Tent

Choosing a suitable tent for camping is the primary step that needs to be considered carefully. You should be aware of its material, thickness, and especially assembly structure. Have a glance at these factors to make sure of a better consideration.

Material of Tent: Polyester and Nylon tents are good to have for camping in hot weather because these materials are lightweight and UV resistant. However, cotton tents are cooler but usually, they are heavy and difficult to set.

Color of Tent: For summer camping white color tents are always best because they reflect maximum sunlight due to the visible spectrum. Conversely, black color tents are heat absorbers so they are used in cold weather. 

Breathable: A tent with breathable mesh windows can provide consistent ventilation and also make use of the breeze. They mainly help you to sleep in a ventilated atmosphere. 

Size: You should choose a big cabin-style tent that has multiple windows and a tall ceiling for extreme airflow. A large size airy 2-season tent could be better to have for summer camping.

2. Place Tent Under the Shade

Placing your tent under the shade can do half of the work for you without any special operation. A major part of the temperature automatically gets reduced in the shade. Ultimately, sunshades become a protective layer between hot rays and tents.

You can use the shade in two ways one is about placing your tent under trees and the other one is setting up a temporary canopy system like reflective tarps. However, tree shade is fair enough but if you are camping in extremely hot weather then use white-colored sheets as a roof of your tent.

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3. Use Reflection Tarps

Using reflective tarps or sheets becomes a simple solution that efficiently saves you from direct severe sun rays. All the surfaces of a tent can be covered by tarps that effectively cool down the tent’s interior. You should bring white color tarps that reflect maximum rays.

Now, see the best way to use reflective tarps by yourself!

The easy and useful way is to tie them with tree branches and suspend them in such a way that they cover the whole tent like a roof. Most importantly, make sure to leave a space of about 12 inches between the tarp and the top of the tent so that air can be circulated easily.

4. Make Use Of The Breeze

Making use of the breeze creates natural air conditioning in your tent. It will be a good idea to place the tent in the direction of the air blowing. As mentioned earlier, mesh tents always provide optimal and consistent ventilation.

However, you can use weather-checking apps to see in which direction and at what speed the wind will be blowing. Another trick to check the direction of the air is just wet your finger and hold it up for a few seconds. The cold side of a finger will indicate the direction of the blowing wind.

5. Take Your Tent Down During The Day

Letting your tent stand on a hot blazing day can turn it into a room of heat. It happens due to absorption of the burning sun’s rays and nobody will want to step into that furnace. However, most of the fabrics don’t bear harsh exposure to sunlight.

A major advantage of taking your tent down is that it exceptionally increases the life of a tent that lasts longer than expected. The tents made of nylon or polyester should be disassembled in hot weather. If you have already placed your tent under shade then you will probably not need to remove them during the day.

6. Use A Portable Fan Or AC

It’s not crazy! Many people go with their own battery-operated portable fans or air conditioners. This equipment can immediately cool down your tent. However, you could also use a small and lightweight box fan because it usually becomes difficult to backpack an air conditioner or large-size fan.

Moreover, you need to bring a long extension cord so that you can easily manage your fan. While if you go with an air conditioner then try to drape the vent through a window or door. If you want quick air circulation in the tent then these machines could be an ideal use for such a situation.

7. Stay Hydrated

Drinking a lot of water frequently is necessary to stay hydrated during camping trips in hot weather. Since hydration is an essential part to keep your body functioning perfectly and staying cool. However, the human body contains about 60 percent of water.

To stay hydrated is not about cooling down a tent but it cools your body that makes you feel easy inside the tent. Consequently, we can say drinking cold water silently omit overheating. Even you can use ice water for air conditioners to ensure cool air.

8. Bring Light-Colored Clothes

The color of the tent affects heat inside the camp and similarly, wearing light-colored and lightweight clothes keeps your body cool well throughout. You should bring simple clothes that actually keep you comfortable even in the summer. In comparison, if you have packed black-colored clothes then you will drench in sweat.

This is also a simple trick to keep yourself safe from warm weather. However, it does not affect the temperature of the tent but it works to feel better. Therefore, we suggest you wear white-colored dresses that are made of lightweight and breathable materials.

9. Create Maximum Ventilation

Creating maximum ventilation allows fast airflow that mainly results in removing heat from the tent. A spacious tent with a high ceiling can do the trick for you as it usually has more space for ventilation. However, you should make use of air for proper ventilation.

To keep maximum air circulation in your tent, you could open the doors, vents, and rain flaps. You should use only the breathable mesh walls of the tent so that you would not encounter insects. In this way, you will be getting ventilation with safety.

10. Try To Sleep In A Hammock

Sleeping in a hammock is another way of having fun during camping. However, you should be careful while choosing a hammock. To make things easier for you, we suggest you buy a durable hammock made of breathable fabric. While you can also use a bug net to keep the insects away from your skin.

The important thing about it is how to tie a hammock.

First of all, find a parallel couple of trees so that you can easily tie your hammock between them. Meanwhile, you can use a hammock stand to fix it but make sure the stand should be at least 2 feet longer than the hammock size. Tie it in a way that you would get full-body air circulation.

11. Outdoor Cooking and Dining

One major heat source at camping sites is cooking. Cooking inside the tent can rapidly increase the temperature. Therefore, opt to prepare and eat your meals outside of your tent. This approach will not only keep your tent cooler but also reduce risks associated with cooking in confined spaces.

12. Choosing Your Campsite Wisely

Your choice of campsite can significantly affect the temperature. Campsites near a water body such as a lake or river usually have a cooler surrounding environment, providing natural relief from the heat.

13. The Magic of Frozen Water Bottles: Simple Yet Effective

A trick that works wonders is to freeze several water bottles before you head off on your trip. As they slowly melt, they will provide a refreshing cold drink. Furthermore, they can also be used inside the tent to bring down the temperature.

14. Managing Humidity

Humidity can often amplify the intensity of the heat. To keep your tent environment comfortable, consider using moisture-absorbent materials. Camping towels or mats designed to soak up moisture can help in providing a cooler and less humid tent interior.


Keeping your tent cool in summer is necessary to spend a better time inside. Although, nobody likes to face hot weather during the days of an outing. To ensure an amazing camping experience, the above guide leads you on how to keep your tent cool in hot weather.

Our tips for cooling your tent in summer are choosing a breathable tent, using tarps as a roof, using portable fans, and making some sensible clothing choices. All these steps can change your camping from dull to enjoyable one. Follow these steps and enjoy your camping with family or friends. Good Luck,


1- Do black tents get hotter?

Yes, black tents get very much hotter during summer. The colors like black, violet, indigo, blue, red, and dark green absorb heat from the direct falling sun rays. Therefore, these tents are ideal to use in cold weather to keep you warm.

2- What color best reflects sunlight?

According to practical research, white color is the best reflector of sunlight as it comprises all the wavelengths of the visible spectrum. Therefore, it indicates that the light is not absorbed as all the light wavelengths get reflected from the surface. So, the ideal reflective color is white.

3- How to cool a tent without electricity?

You should follow the given tips to keep your tent cool without electricity.
– Use a lightweight and breathable tent and place it in the shade
– Use tarps or sheets to cover your tent from direct sunlight
– Create maximum ventilation and make use of the breeze
– Use a battery-operated fan or air conditioner to remove heat

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