Make an Emergency Portable Toilet for Camping

How to Make an Emergency Portable Toilet for Camping

During camping, going behind the bushes for nature calls at midnight can be a risky and difficult task to release human waste. It does not look like a modern civilization. It remembers us of the age of cavemen. Experienced people always take with them a portable toilet when they go on camping. A portable toilet is always a good idea to do your business, but if you do not know how to make an emergency portable toilet, what will you do in that case?

It seems very ridiculous to me to go on an emergency call without a toilet, what would you say about it? A majority of the people do not like to go on camping just because of the open toilet system. They do not like to do their business behind the bushes at midnight and buried them with dry leaves or dirt.

In this short informative article, you will come to know about making an emergency portable toilet in the wilderness. This general guide will help you to do your business in a pleasant way to relieve yourself from nature calls.

You will come to know about how to create an emergency toilet quickly. What are the advantages of an emergency toilet in the wilderness? How can we survive from mosquitoes, flies, and wild animals? What will be the solution to a toilet in the wilderness? Here we shall try to solve all these problems and make a suitable solution.

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How Portable Toilets Work

A portable toilet consists of a toilet seat, holding tank, flushing mechanism, and pressure system. It does not work like a traditional toilet. The waste does not throw into the sewer, rather it collects waste in a holding tank. The tank is fitted beneath the seat. The holding tank has chemicals that smash the waste into pieces, destroy germs and smells. These portable toilets are easily available in the market. If you don’t like to dig out a hole every time for nature calls, then portable toilets are the best solution for you.

Benefits of Using a Portable Toilet

Toilet Paper

Having a portable toilet makes you more comfortable doing your business when the need arises. A portable toilet gets you rid of digging a hole behind the bushes on a cold night and relieve you unconventionally. If you go on camping with your family, it becomes more uneasy to find a suitable place and squat to have an emergency. If you want to save yourself from these unconventional habits, get a portable toilet and get rid of all these problems.

How to make an Emergency Toilet

A portable toilet is the best thing to relieve yourself, but what would be if you don’t have a portable toilet when the need arises? I have brought the 2 best ideas to make emergency toilets in the wilderness. These ideas will remember you of the time when people don’t use the flushing system.

1- Cathole

Cathole is a unique idea to make an emergency toilet in the wilderness. To make this emergency toilet, you need a shovel to dig a hole and to flush your waste. It is just like a portable toilet tank that holds your waste and destroys the waste into pieces and masks smells. It can decompose human waste material faster than a portable toilet. It is very easy to make, use, and remove. Dig a hole, squat over it, finished your business, and fill in the ground with the dirt and leaves.

Precautionary Measures

However, cathole is a very simple and inexpensive toilet, but you should heed some precautionary measures to save the environment. When you are going to dig a hole, make sure there should be no water resource.

  • Try to find a soft ground where you can easily dig a hole to throw your waste. If the ground is rocky, that will be difficult to dig a hole with a shovel.
  • Dig a deep hole more than 6 inches at a sunny place so that it may decompose faster.

2- Poop Tube

Poop Tube is another type of making an emergency toilet. The idea of making an emergency toilet with a poop tube is a more accurate method than cathole. The poop tube works like an underground pipe. It stores human waste and it can be wrapped in a plastic bag. You can store the waste material in the poop tube and dispose of it in a suitable place. Don’t throw it near or inside the water resource or near the population. The best way to dispose of it is to dig a 3-5 foot hole and bury it inside it.

You need the following appliances:

  • 12 inches long and 4 inches wide PVC pipe.
  • 4 inches lengthy and 4.5 inches wide PVC coupler.
  • 4 inches PVC cleanout and plug.
  • 4.5 inches wide PVC toilet flange.
  • PVC cement.

How to create a Poop Tube toilet

You can create your Poop Tube toilet with these items. First of all, connects the PVC pipe to the flange with PVC cement to make the bottom of your tube. You can close the end of the pipe and keep it open as your desire, but to leave it open is a good idea for better cleaning. Now attach the coupler on the second side of the PVC pipe on the opposite end of the tube. Glue the cleanout and plug it into the coupler. Your Poop Tube toilet is ready to use, but to use it after 12 hours is a good idea.

Essential Toilet Appliances

Making an emergency toilet is a good thing, but we must take precautionary measures to protect ourselves. We should not compromise on our health at any cost. After getting rid of an emergency, the next step is to know how to get cleaning and purity.

Some people refer to clean their posterior with leaves and tissues, but this is not a civilized way of cleaning. It can be risky if that is a poisoned plant’s leaf. That can harm you and endanger your health.

The best solution for getting purity is to have a bottle of water or an eaver and a roll of tissue. When you have done your business, you should clean your posterior with water and clean your body with tissue. It will not only clean you well, but also you will be mentally satisfied.

Final Thoughts

A toilet is our basic need. We can not live without it. Every toilet becomes important when there would be no other option. When you are on the outdoor activity, it becomes meaningful more. On the other hand, as a toilet is important same like that to dispose of the human waste properly is more important. We should take care of our surroundings and do not create any hazard for others.

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