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Top 5 Best Family Tents Under $100

Finding the best family tent under $100 is not as simple as you think, because a family tent requires much more money than $100. A good camping tent must have a good zipper, strong poles, flexible cloth, ample space, good height, etc.

It is so difficult to find a good family tent with low prices and high-quality attributes but not impossible. In this article, I have compiled a shortlist of the best family tents under $100. If you want to buy a good tent for solo or family camping, then keep on reading.

List of the Best Family Tents Under $100

1- Coleman Sundome Tent

If you are looking for a reliable tent at a reasonable price, then Coleman Sundome Tent should be your first choice. This tent has been made up of excellent Polyester mesh and Polyethylene. It has ample space for living, gear, and backpacks.

.This beautiful camping tent protects against all weather conditions. Its poles are so powerful, they can bear the pressure of harsh windy weather and heavy rain. It has been designed to comfort you in every condition.

The Sundome family tent has been stitched very carefully. It keeps water away and protects the camper and luggage. Window and ground vents allow fresh air in and warm air out so that your tent may remain cool the whole night. There are many mesh pockets in the tent to keep small items within easy reach.

All in all, Sundome Tent is an excellent tent for recreation, scouting, and exploration. It keeps you safe from weather temperature and protects your luggage and food. When you camp outside, then the importance of a tent enhances.

Sundome Tent is made of pure polyester material to provide you with the best waterproof results. You can use it for multiple purposes in your life.

Why Do I Love It?

Coleman Sundome Tent is not only my favorite tent. It is also appreciated by the people who have used it for camping, scouting, and recreation.

It has great ratings on Amazon. I have been using this tent for my personal use since 2017. It has great stability, flexibility, and power. Coleman Sundome Tent provides extra protection through its rainfly sheet. It provides an ample amount of ventilation and provides a cool environment even on sunny days. Therefore I like it very much.


  • Item Weight: 3.4 Kilograms
  • Type: For 2-person tent
  • Rooms: Only 1
  • Dimensions: 5×7 feet
  • Center Height: 4 feet
  • Tent Material: Polyester mesh 75D inner tent
  • Warranty: Limited 1-year guarantee
  • Poles: 8.5mm fiberglass
  • Extra sheet for weather protection
  • Large windows for maximum ventilation
  • Easy to set up
  • Imported material
  • Available at a reasonable price
  • Not for more than 2 people
  • Not good for heavy rain

2- Ciyas Camping Tent

Ciyas Camping Tent is the second-best family tent on our list. This tent is proven by expert hikers and campers. It is a waterproof tent with a removable rainfly. It is made for two adult persons, but it has enough space to live with two children.

Ciyas camping tent is good for hiking, traveling, camping, backpacking, and outdoor activities. This camp is made of high-quality polyester material to provide you with maximum waterproof protection. There are a large number of camping tents in the market, but the Ciyas camping tent is one of the best camping tents for a family. It has windows, pockets, and a door.

Windows and doors provide a smell-free environment. Its polyester material does not allow mosquitoes and flies to get in the tent. Pockets are very useful. You can keep your cell phone, diary, book, and other necessary testimonials in them.

Ciyas camping tent has been approved by the specialists. If you are going camping, then you must take it with you. It not only makes you comfortable but also provides you with maximum space, protection, and natural condensation.

Why Do I Love It?

Ciyas Camping Tent is a great tent for all types of outdoor activities. It is a durable mesh design tent and great for extra ventilation. There is no need for the washing machine to wash, I can wash it with your hands.

If you are going to camp, I would like to advise you to get Ciyas Camping Tent with you. It will fulfill your needs well.


  • Item Weight: 5.29 Pounds
  • Type: For two-person Tent
  • Rooms: Just 1
  • Shape: Round
  • Closure Type: Zipper
  • Tent Material: 100% Polyester
  • Brand: Ciyas
  • Great tent for the family
  • Made up with excellent material
  • No need for a washing machine for washing it
  • Waterproof and smell-proof Tent
  • Lightweight
  • Requires 2 people for set up
  • Not good for a big family

3- AsterOutdoor Camping Tent

AsterOutdoor camp is a very good camping tent for hiking, fishing, and backpacking. It is made of beautiful and durable material. AsterOutdoor camp is a big outdoor camp. It has ample space for living a big family.

It has a 74.8″ center height and 6 person capacity. This camping tent has been designed with the latest technology. The structure of the tent looks better than all other camping tents. AsteroOutdoor camp is a large camp, but it is a lightweight camp and easy to install.

The interior of the camp is very attractive. You can walk and move easily in it. You will seem like you are walking into your room. There are dual mesh windows for ventilation. It has a sky-view roof.

There is a convenient “S” hook on the roof to hang a torch in the night. An electrical cord access port provides you with power to light up your life. There are large windows for ventilation. It has ample space.

You can adjust your quilts, backpacks, shoes, clothes, and kitchen pots very easily. AestrOutdoor camp has great structural stability. You can connect the hooks on the tent body easily and install the tent quickly. In short, this camping tent is the best tent for any kind of camping.

Why Do I Love It?

AsteroOutdoor Camp is a spacious tent for family camping. I like it for its lot of facilities. It is a breathable, lightweight, and durable tent.

AestrOutdoor tent has a double-layer of polyester. It helps to keep away the mosquitoes and flies. It provides fully waterproof protection during the camp, therefore I like it very much.


  • Item Weight: 3.4 kilograms
  • Type: Camping and Hiking
  • Size: 6 Person
  • Center Height: 74.8 inches high
  • Closure Type: Zipper
  • Tent Material: Polyester
  • Brand: AsterOutdoor
  • Pole Material: Fiberglass
  • Superb quality Tent
  • Excellent design
  • Beautiful and durable material
  • Lightweight but heavy-duty
  • Best for a large family
  • Not good for a couple
  • Less than 4.5 ratings

4- Clostnature Lightweight Backpacking Tent

Clostnature is presenting the best family tent for camping, hiking, and mountaineering. Whether you are going for a week or a month.

Clostnature camping tent should be your first choice. It is better than all other brands. Waterproof, durable, and lightweight are the best relics of this tent. It is made of pure polyester material and provides a lifetime warranty.

Its roof material protects you from Ultraviolet rays and provides you with unlimited comforts. It has a polyester rainfly and groundsheet to protect you in all weather conditions. It provides a waterproof warranty as well as all-weather resistant quality.

It keeps you dry and protects your baggage from unexpected loss. Clostnature tent has more capacity than 2 people. You can also use it for boy scouting. It does not take an hour to set it up. You can install it in a few minutes. Clostnature’s interior is embellished with extraordinary design. The interior look is very beautiful.

You have ample space to store your baggage. So, if you want to enjoy your camping trip comfortably, then take the Clostnature tent and enjoy as you want.

Why Do I Love It?

The clostnature backpacking tent is my best choice. I always recommended my friends to have a Clostnature tent for camping.

Its waterproof ability is very strong than any other tent. It is lightweight, comfortable, and easy to carry. So I would like to refer you to buy a Clostnature backpacking Tent for your camping.


  • Shape: Round
  • Item Weight: 5 Pounds
  • Closure Type: Zipper + Velcro
  • Tent Material: Polyester
  • Brand: Clostnatur
  • Large Vestibule room
  • Mesh walls for fabulous ventilation
  • Durable and smooth material
  • Heavy-duty Aluminium poles
  • Affordable price
  • N/A

5- Coleman Camping Tent

Coleman is a very famous brand. This brand is providing camping tents in the market. This Skydome Tent is very strong, durable, and protective. It is a great tent for camping, mountaineering, and hiking. It has a great ability to stop the water.

Its sheets are made of Nylon that provides you well protection. All the corners are well stitched. You do not worry about tripping water during the rainfall. It keeps water away and protects your luggage well. There is a huge space for four people.

There are windows to get the fresh air in. It keeps the room airy and cool on sunny days. You can use this tent for both hot and cool seasons. All in all, this small camping tent is good for a family. It has a door with a zipper.

It saves your luggage when you are hunting, fishing, and mountaineering. Its poles are very strong. It remains steadfast and persists in rain, storm, and hail. You can rely upon it in every condition.

Why Do I Love It?

Coleman Skydome Tent is always been my favorite choice. It provides premium quality at a very reasonable price. It fulfills all requirements which you want during the camping.

I am very happy with it. I used it when I was in Australian forests. It gives me very good results. I love it very much.


  • Shape: Dome
  • Occupancy: 4 Person
  • Closure Type: Zipper
  • Tent Material: Nylon
  • Brand: Coleman
  • Superb Tent for solo and couple camping
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Fantastic job
  • Easy to install and carry
  • Great camp for family camping and adventure
  • Not for more than 5 people

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