Types of camping

10 Different Types of Camping

There is a well-known saying; “Silence is the language of God.” People go camping when they are bored with their daily life activities and noise pollution. Usually, urban people do camping when they are so much disturbed by city life.

Moreover, they are far from nature, therefore by camping, they relax their mind and body. Camping allows people to spend their leisure time near nature and provides them a peaceful, neat and clean, and healthy environment. Everybody knows that ” A healthy body has a healthy mind.” It means if we want to live a healthy and meaningful life, we should take care of our health. Camping is the best way to make our minds and body healthy.

Types of Camping

Camping is not of one kind. You can camp in different ways. Camping is not related to weather. Rather it is related to your taste. It depends on what kind of camping you prefer. There are so many types of camping like Winter Camping, Adventure Camping, Bicycle Camping, Tent Camping, and Work Camping. If you want to go on camping, then stay here and keep on reading.

Here, you will know about 10 different types of camping. It will help you to decide what kind of camping should you do. So let’s explore different types of camping together.

1- Winter Camping

“Take me deep into the Wintry Woods where hope glitters freshly worn.” Winter attracts people who want to enjoy the real natural environment. It has peace, calmness, and silence. Winter camping is a time of peacefulness. It provides you with a lot of opportunities to entertain yourself like sports, shooting, and singing. If you are a sports lover and you have proper planning, you can do backcountry skiing, snowshoeing, and snowboarding there. These activities on snow will be memorable experiences in your life.

There is another positive aspect of winter camping Neat and Clean Environment. The environment will be neat and clean. Your nights will not be disturbed by bugs, mosquitoes, and flies. As we know that everything has a positive and a negative aspect. Similarly, winter camping may also disturb your health. You may fall into a fever, flu, and cough disease.

So, it is necessary to take suitable types of equipment to save yourself from unexpected weather conditions. If you take a tent, heater, torch, quilt, and petrol, it will help you to keep your body warm and active. You can also take dry fruits and dry nuts with you. Winter camping is also an art as it is a challenging game to go on winter camping. Therefore, you should go on winter camping only if you are a challenging camper.

 2- Adventure Camping

Amelia Earhart says that Adventure is worthwhile. Adventure camping is a worthwhile adventure. Everyone is not able to do adventure camping, but everyone wants to do an adventure in his life. Adventure camping is especially associated with those people who want to do something special.

If you want to go on an adventure camping, you should prepare yourself for continuously hiking, traveling, and exploring. You have to travel the whole day and take a rest only at night. You have to set up your camp, bake meals, and protect yourself.  On the other hand, Adventure Camping will not be as easy as winter camping. So, I would like to advise you. If you are physically fit, you should go on adventure camping. Otherwise, it is not for you.

Adventure camping allows you to explore the forest, watch new areas, and enjoy the natural environment. Advanced campers are always ready to face challenging circumstances. They make adventure trips with their friends and feel pleasure.

They enjoy wildlife, hiking, and the natural environment. Adventure camping can be harmful to you as there will be wild animals that can tear you into pieces. Therefore, if you are going on adventure camping, get all the safety equipment like a gun or knife to protect yourself during the journey.

3- Tent Camping

Tent Camping is associated with a couple or family camping. Many people spend their summer vacations in the forest with their families. This is a well-known hobby among youngsters as well as elders. It means you have an equal chance to entertain yourself whether you are alone or with your family.

Tent Camping is also considered the basic type of camping. You can camp at the beach, desert, and wilderness. Tent Camping allows you to pitch your tent at your desired place. But it is not as easy as you think. Before going on camping, you have to think about your daily needs like a tent, portable toilet, hanging fan, cutlery, and other necessary items. You can also take your pet animals with you when you are going to a camping tent.

The most important thing is to select the site for setting up the tent. The site must be elevated from the ground level to save you from an unexpected attack of wild animals. Moreover, clear the campsite nicely. There should be no debris, rocks, or bushes. Setting the camp on flat and elevated ground saves you from the rain, and the water will not stand there. And you will be safe even in the heavy rainfall.

4- Bicycle Camping

Bicycle Camping is one of the most famous types of camping. Most people go on Bicycle Camping in a group. I think the best way of camping is just Bicycle Camping. If you want to go on Bicycle Camping, you should make a pre-plan to go to different sites during your period. You have multiple options to enjoy the natural objects. You can stay in the forest, on a mountain, in the valley, near the beach, and on an Island, wherever you like.

Another benefit of Bicycle Camping is to keep your surrounding area neat and clean because the Bicycle is an eco-friendly convenience. It does not pollute the environment. Moreover, it does not empty your pocket for fuel. Bicycle Camping keeps you healthy and energetic. If you go on a Bicycle, you will never feel exhausted. Rather you will enjoy your journey. A bicycle helps you to carry your baggage, and you do not need to carry your baggage on your back.

The bicycle also allows you to visit places where a car cannot go. Bicycle Camping not only enhances your mobility rather helps you to cover your distance more quickly than any other convenience. Therefore Bicycle Camping is the best way to spend your holidays any time of the year.

5- Glamping Camping

Glamping word is derived from Glamorous word, and it means a glamorous way to camp. It belongs to living going in a royal style in the wilderness. When you talk about Glamping that means you want a home or hotel environment in the forest where all needs of life should be available. Simple camping requires a tent, kitchen pots, cylinders, and clothes.

There is another factor of Glamping. If you are an adventure boy/girl, then Glamping is not suitable for you. Glamping does not allow you to go far away and explore new sites. You cannot go deep into the jungle. People who go on Glamping, enjoy the weather, new environment, silence, peacefulness, and calmness. Glamping people never want to disturb their peacefulness. Therefore, they get all luxuries for themselves.

If you do not like to carry heavy luggage, furniture, and other types of equipment, you can also rent a glamorous camp where you like. It will be very convenient for you to spend days and nights without any problem. In short, Glamping is an expensive way of camping. It is not for everyone.

6- Overlanding Camping

Overlanding Camping is a supreme type of camping. This type of camping is related to passionate people. Overlanding Camping is a difficult type of camping as it does not consist of one or two weeks. Rather it may last for months or years which means it is a more expensive way of camping than Glamping. If you are going on Overlanding Camping, you must have a jeep, tent, kitchen material, and a lot of money.

Your jeep must be a four-wheeler so that you may not face any problems during the journey. Overlanding Camping is an unlimited way of enjoying nature. If you are an overlander camper, then the world is yours. Not only your own country, instead you can go beyond the borders to explore the new world of desert, sea, forest, and islands.

There is another aspect of Overlanding Camping. It is not as easy as other campings are. The first challenge is to make a group of such persons who are ready to go with you. You have to make a full planning camping. It can be difficult, but you will learn so many things that you have never been experienced before in your life. You will become more powerful both physically and mentally.  In short, You should not go on Overlanding Camping if you cannot afford it.

7- Backpacking Camping

Backpacking Camping is one of the most popular camping types in the world. Backpacking Camping means you are going on camping on your foot. You have a backpack in which you have all the necessary types of equipment for living. Backpacking Camping continues until you do not lose your heart. It shows your skill, ability, and courage.

You have to face weather, normal, and abnormal conditions during the journey. During the journey, you may bush into the forest or any unknown place. Therefore, it is necessary to tell somebody about your plan before going on camping. So that in the case of any emergency he may help you immediately.

Backpacking Camping is surely an inexpensive way of camping. As you do not need to take any kind of transport like bicycle, bike, and car which is why it is full-time natural camping. Backpacking Camping is also eco-friendly camping as there would be no chance of environmental pollutants. Backpacking Camping allows you to go where you want and take a rest where you need. Backpacking camping is directly related to hiking, mountaineering, and climbing. It can also damage your health. Therefore, getting a medical kit with you can help you in the case of unexpected injuries, cuts, and scrapes.

Before going on Backpacking Camping make a list of necessary items for your journey, as you have to carry all the luggage yourself. The most important thing for Backpacking Camping is to select comfortable, durable, cushion, and powerful shoes. During Backpacking Camping you have to cover the way on your foot, therefore it is necessary to wear high-quality shoes. They will not only protect your feet but also make your journey easy.

8- Survivalist Camping

Survivalist Camping is also another type of adventure camping. It is quite different from other types of camping. This type of camping is typically for experienced campers. When people go on Survivalist Camping, they have to spend days and weeks alone in the wilderness at an unknown place. They have to survive with minimal equipment. They are completely dependent on themselves. This type of camping is especially done by soldiers, adventurers, and youngsters. If you want to go on Survivalist Camping, you have to stay there for a specific period. You will face all the challenges alone and have to return alive after a short period.

People who have experience of Survival Camping take some eatable items like nuts, and grams. Survivalist campers also live on plants, fruits, bushes, and berries. If you have camped near the lake, you can also get food from fishing. During your journey, you have to be extremely careful about wild animals. As you will be alone in the wilderness that is why it is important to take a short gun or knife with you.

So that you may fight against any dangerous animal like a bear, lion, or snake. Survival Camping is challenging camping, as you have to find water and a meal every day. It will be very difficult for you to get restricted in the camp all the time. During camping, you have to walk all the time and spend days and nights in different places. You get so much experience of lone camping during your journey.

9- Work Camping

Work Camping is a very popular type of camping. Work in the wilderness, what does it mean? Some people want deep silence for work especially writers. They go on camping when they have to write a book, story, and novel. Most the poets or writers of nature go on camping for writing something extraordinary.

Today there is a large community of freelancers all over the world. Freelancers work in offices, and they are very away from natural objects. Continuously working creates a negative effect on their health. Work Camping is useful for them. If you are a content writer, you must go on Work Camping. When you live in natural objects, you will become healthy and energetic.

Your mind will create powerful ideas in the natural environment. Before going on Work Camping, selecting a peaceful place is necessary. It is good to see the location of camping one or two days before camping. It will help you how to tackle difficult situations. Select the place where Phone and Wi-Fi signals are reachable. So that you may contact your family, friends, or security institutions in an emergency.

10- Car Camping

Car Camping means group camping. When you want to go with your friends or family, then Car Camping is the best idea to spend summer vacations naturally. Car camping is a cheap way of camping. You can go with four to five members on camping in a single car. You can put all the necessary luggage in the car and enjoy it until you want. It is a perfect solution for enjoying the weekend, holidays, and summer vacations.

Car Camping is not a glamorous style of camping. Car camping allows you to camp every day in a different place. You can set your camping location according to the weather condition. It is a simple way of camping. You can enjoy Car camping with minimal equipment.                                                         

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